Ginu, a.k.a the girl on my right

Ginu came into our first class session and asked me nicely if someone was already sitting in the empty seat to my right. I always find it interesting when people ask me things like that, because I never do that. Typically, I find a seat away from people I don’t know, but if I have to sit next to someone unknown I just sit down and honestly avoid making conversation.

Today I had to ask Ginu some questions, and even though it seemed a little daunting at first since again, but it turned out to be really fun.

Ginu told me her friends would describe her as being really quiet person at first, but loud after someone got to know her better. I’d have to say I disagree, she may be quiet, but she definitely isn’t what I would classify as a quiet person.

I also learned today that we have something in common. We both value those we care about. She values her family and friends for a support system. Ginu thinks it’s important to have those that we can rely on and support us as much as we support them. I couldn’t agree with her any more!

Ginu also reminded me of an important lesson today. I asked her what the greatest lesson she ever learned was, and she say, “that it’s okay to be yourself.” It’s such a simple lesson, but one that I’m constantly forgetting. However, she did tell me she didn’t really start embracing it until she was a Sophomore in college. I think I’m going to have to add that one on to my list of things to accomplish before this year is over.

According to Ginu the best place on earth is Chicago! I’ve personally never been to Chicago, but it’s enthusiasm from people like her that make me want to go. She told me about how she loves that there’s always things to do in the city, like going to a restaurant in places like Lincoln Park. I may not know anything really about Chicago but, good food always sounds like an awesome idea to me!

I also got Ginu’s opinion on Taylor Swift today. I personally can say I basically hate everything about Taylor Swift. Ginu thinks that Taylor Swift does have some catchy songs as well. Her favorite is Bad Blood. Bad Blood drives me insane, but it’s okay Ginu, we can still be friends.

Finally, I asked Ginu a question that I’ve wondered for a long time. Why do people have pets? Sometimes when I sit in my room with my cat I wonder about why I let this animal just hang around with me. So many people just take these animals in and give them food, and homes, and baths… Don’t get me wrong, I do love animals and pets! It’s just always been an odd concept to me. Ginu said that she thinks its because it gives people something to take care of and love, and the pet loves you back. That’s usually the conclusion I come to with my cat as well. I asked her if she had any pets. Ginu told me she has a betta fish. That just led me on another rambling about how fish are the pets that make me question bringing animals in the most. I mean, we just have a giant thing of water to get a small creature in and we can’t even play with it?

Well, this story isn’t about fish and how odd they are to have as pets, or even Taylor Swift, this story is about Ginu, the girl on my right in my Media Writing class. Someone that I have more in common with than I thought I would have, and someone who actually understood my ramblings about pets.

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