How Did I Survive Becoming Bald

You know you are having sever hair fall problem when you start having nightmares of becoming bald. There is be a handful of hair each time you touch it, there is hair everywhere in your home, your bed, your bathroom, and some even stick inside your bag. Yes, that is when you know you have an extreme case of hair loss problem. You would cry, complain to your family and friends and everyone would suggest something or another.

You google, obviously and there would be thousands of solutions for hair loss. It becomes a little complicated to decide which will work for you, which one to follow when you have that many options.

I have been going through this very situation only a few years ago. And after a few months of intensive research and crying, I tried to do things that I felt would do some help to stop my drastic hair fall. And I have managed to control my hair fall problem. I won’t claim my hair grew up to be as thick as before but hey at least I am not afraid to touch my hair or comb it anytime I want anymore! The hair loss is normal now, maximum 50 to 100 a day. So yeah, that’s an achievement!

Not everyone has the same body type or reasons behind hair fall, so the things which have worked for me might not work for everyone struggling with hair fall. But the journey was something I want to share with you all!

Carrots Were My Friend

I was never a huge fan of vegetables, especially carrots, but I started to snack on them on a daily basis. They did not taste any better if I am honest (I still hate carrots), but they contained enough vitamin A to protect my hair from falling.

I Stopped Torturing My Hair for a While

When the situation was the worst I stopped frying my hair. No seriously. I use flat irons almost every day, I like fried hair, straight as sticks. But when I was on the verge of becoming bald, I took a step back and looked at my lifeless locks. They were screaming for a break, and I decided to give them one. I stopped using flat irons and hair dryers for a while. And within a month or two, my hair was thanking me.

I Tried Minoxidil for Hair Strength & Regrowth

Well, that was a desperate time of my life, which required desperate measurements. Without being prescribed by any doctor I started applying Kirkland Minoxidil 5% on my scalp (which anyone should never do). It may work for many others when prescribes by a specialist, but for my hair fall problem it did not do anything special, or I gave up too early (after using the serum roughly for 2 months I stopped).

Discovering the Magic of Castor Oil Mixed with Coconut Oil

After fumbling around for months, that glorious day came. I discovered the magical concoction of castor oil and coconut oil. From my research, I got to know castor oil is high on vitamin E (our hair loves vitamin E) and has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, which makes it amazing for our hair. It truly worked wonders for my hair. There’s just one trick, I was persistent with my castor oil routine. And the results were amazing. My hair loss problem solved around 50% within just 3 months. Though I don’t have any hair fall problem anymore right now, still I continue oil massage because, duh IT IS AN AMAZING way to take care of my hair without making a fuss about it. I use castor oil once a week on my hair and I follow these simple steps –

  1. I heat up a tablespoon of castor oil and then mix it with the same amount of coconut oil
  2. Apply the mixture thoroughly on my scalp using my fingertips, massage it well
  3. Then I apply the rest of the oil on all of my hair, from root to tip my hair becomes covered with the mixture
  4. Keep it like that overnight. And then I wash it off the next morning.

If you are reading this and have similar problems with your hair, then I would strongly recommend this remedy. Also, this works great on damaged hair too.

I Changed My Hair Washing Game A Little

I used to wash my hair every other day. Wash and condition. This was my routine. But after suffering from the massive hair loss and damage, I tried to amp up my washing game a little by adding a few more steps. Now I do these -

  1. I thoroughly wash my hair with my favorite shampoo using lukewarm water. While washing I generally bring all of my hair at the front. And I came to know only recently that this is actually the correct way to wash our hair!
  2. Then I apply a generous amount of hair mask starting from the root to end, leave it in for 10–15 minutes, then wash it off. For hair mask, my all time favorite is Calily Premium Natural Argan Oil Hair Mask.
  3. And finally, I apply conditioner, just to the lower half of my hair. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner, works just perfect for my hair.
  4. Once I wash and treat my hair, I style it up according to my mood. I use some sort of anti frizz hair products to tame my hair down a little before styling it, current favorite is Neon’s Frizz Fighter, works great in my hair.

I Started Drinking More Water

For any health issues, we can rely on water. Good old pure, plain, simple water. I sometimes forget to drink enough water that my body requires. So I started using alarms what reminded me to drink water throughout the day no matter how busy and forgetful I was. I actually used an app for the whole process. And the water started doing it’s job of curing my hair fall problem.

Nowadays I have pretty healthy looking hair. And I am happy and proud to have come such a long way from those horrific days when my entire existence was covered with sad broken hair.

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