The 10 Cleanest Countries
 in the World for 2016

Who doesn’t want to travel?

Everyone does! And most of us have a few selected destinations in our bucket list that we would give anything to get a trip to! As for 2017 we are selecting these 10 countries as they proudly represent them as the cleanest countries of the world -

1. Colombia

Very surprisingly, at no. 1 we have this South American country with all it’s tropical beauty and the crown of being the drug capital of the world. One of the main reasons behind this title is, the Colombians use natural resources as pesticides rather than harmful chemical ones. Well deserved!

2. Iceland


Our last year’s crown prince is one step down this year and in number 2 position. Quitely justified as this nation gets 80% of it’s energy from geothermal and hydro sources. Needless to say Iceland is the cleanest country in Europe where they have no shortage of really clean countries.

3. Austria


At number 3, we have Austria. A central European country that is very well known for it’s rich culture, green allies and baroque architecture. Eco-friendly waste management methods, introduced by the government, keep this land as clean as you could have possibly imagined.

4. Mauritius

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Another slightly unexpected entry in our list, we have the ultimate honeymoon destination, Mauritius. The clear blue water, perfectly white sandy beaches and environmentally aware, warm friendly people make this island even more charming.

5. Norway

With one one the best waste management systems and low pollution rate, at no. 5 we have a Scandinavian country, Norway. The stunningly beautiful landscape is also one of the top 3 richest countries in Europe.

6. Sweden

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With low air pollution, lower rate of greenhouse gas emission, endless supply of clean water, we have another Scandinavian beauty, Sweden in the top 10 list. This clean green country is consisted of thousands of islands, sky high ice mountains and snow forests. The expected life span of the citizens is 82, says a lot about the environment!

7. Costa Rica

One of the two South American countries that makes into our list for 2016. Costa Rica is blessed with fantastic weather, amazing wildlife and picture perfect beaches. This popular holiday destination has pledged to be carbon neutral country by 2021, and we say YOU GO COSTA RICA!

8. Switzerland

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Think of a land with impeccable beauty and exquisite chocolate, yes, Switzerland is the 8th country on our list. The country also have the crown of having the cleanest air in Europe. Switzerland is decorated with numerous lakes, pretty little villages dotted all over the country and of course the high peaks of Alps. The average life span of the citizens is 81.

9. Cuba

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Situated on the bay of Northern Caribbean Sea, Cuba has a relatively low population which has helped it becoming the number 9 cleanest country in the world. The communist government is very strict about maintaining the cleanliness of the country and restoring the perfectly blue sky and pristine white beaches.

10. France

The fashion capital of Europe has suffered from massive pollution problem, yet the effective steps from the government and the concern from the citizens have successfully made this country one of the cleanest of them all.

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