I’ve written about Tame Impala once before, and this recommendation will be very similar from a thematic standpoint.

I find myself returning to this band, and the Currents album in particular, at major inflection points in my life. Kevin Parker’s lyrics provide the reassurance I need when things are about to change in a major way, and remind me that I only have a certain amount of control over how everything will turn out in the end.

Acknowledging this limited control doesn’t mean I need to give up completely. I don’t know if I’ll ever be someone who can just…

Last weekend, one of my good friends and co-workers was killed in a motorcycle accident. He was an avid rider, and he spent a lot of weekends on large group trips with riders who had his same bike. The day before, at lunch, he had told me he’d be riding through my hometown on this ride, which would start in Long Beach and end in Riverside, where I grew up. When he mentioned riding through the Ortegas, I commented on their reputation for being dangerous. …

If you’re anything like me, then you spend each November eagerly anticipating Spotify’s custom Wrapped playlists that conveniently compile your top-listened tracks from the year. This year, Spotify users got an additional surprise in their end-of-the-year roundup: their artist of the decade. While this feature might not be as fully-baked for newer Spotify users, I’ve been using the service since 2011, so they have PLENTY of data on my listening habits. Still, I was a bit surprised to learn that my artist of the decade was Drake. But with just a moments worth of reflection, I could admit it was…

In September, I went into my doctor’s offices for a routine pap smear and got some very unexpected news: I was pregnant.

I guess it wasn’t totally unexpected. After meeting my (absolutely adorable) newborn niece in August, my husband and I decided we’d stop actively avoiding pregnancy and “see what happens.” I thought it would take a few months at the very least, but apparently the first time was a charm for us.

In the doctor’s office, I was shocked but excited. I was still excited when I went home and shared the news with my husband. But later that…

Today, I’m bringing you a song from one of my favorite movies of all time, That Thing You Do. While The Wonders may be a fictional band, that doesn’t diminish just how rockin’ of a track “That Thing You Do!” is. It’s truly catchy as hell, and I just know you’ll love having it looping in your head for the rest of the day.

In fact, all of the songs from the film’s official soundtrack are pretty solid. This title track in particular captures the same wholesome, flirty, and fun vibe that a lot of the rock music of the…

Daft Punk has no shortage of recommendation-worthy tracks, but this week I’m throwing my weight behind “Digital Love,” an auditory sugar rush that never fails to flood my brain with serotonin.

This is one of the purest, happiest love songs I‘ve ever heard. Probably because it’s about the earliest stage of love, before it can really be called love at all: those early days of infatuation when a crush is just beginning to bloom. Which, in my opinion, is arguably one of the most thrilling stages of love.

“Digital Love” sounds like my middle and high school crushes used to feel. Invigorating and dreamy. Magically intoxicating. Mildly obsessive. Something totally brand new. A sweet, colorful fantasy to drown out the monotony of the day to day.

Let “Digital Love” wrap its arms around you; I’ll be dancing right beside you.

Minnie Riperton (aka Maya Rudolph’s mom!) was an amazing singer/songwriter who was taken from this world much too soon.

You probably know her best from her incredibly popular 1975 single, “Lovin’ You,” which you may even remember being featured on a Burger King commercial for mini cinnamon rolls a few years back.

But that’s not the song I’m here to recommend to you all today. Nope. Instead, I’m bringing you “Inside My Love,” a soulful, seductive track about sex.

Scratch that. This isn’t just a song about sex; it’s a song about making love. A song about two strangers, who…

The wait has been long, but we think it’s worth it. We’re incredibly proud to share Memoir Mixtapes Vol.9: We Are Family.

I was never a huge fan of Paramore. Not even in high school, when their earliest releases were solidifying themselves as one of the most iconic pop punk bands of that genre’s heyday.

In the decade that has lapsed since those days, I can’t say that much has changed between me and Paramore. I’ve never purchased one of their albums or gone to one of their concerts. But what I have done is become obsessed with one of their most recently released singles, “Hard Times,” from their 2017 album After Laughter.

I was still relatively new to Los Angeles the…

I only recently got into Tennis.

They’ve been on my radar for years, since their debut album Cape Dorywas blowing up back in 2011/2012. But for some reason, I never took the time to listen to that album. In fact, I still haven’t gotten all the way through it.

I have, however, become absolutely obsessed with 2017’s Yours Conditionally. It’s one of those rare perfect albums for me, an album that I can listen to from start to finish, enjoying every single moment of that 36 minutes and 17 seconds.

But the song I’m recommending today isn’t even from that…

Samantha Lamph

is a writer, music lover, and cat masseuse in LA. She’s also the creator/co-curator of Memoir Mixtapes. https://open.spotify.com/user/129213902/playlist/69oW9YN

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