You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

I am a recovering political junkie. I keep abreast of issues, I know enough to be dangerous on those I am passionate about, I listen to NPR every morning, love news quizzes, and even get the Sunday NYT. This is status quo for most of my friends in DC.

It is not status quo for the legions of women who I adore who don’t live in the Beltway Bubble. They are really smart. They work really hard. Most of them have children, partners, and full-time jobs. They keep up on current affairs generally, but not specifically — who has the energy or the time? Every two to four years, they vote. They vote because they know it’s important and they want their kids to know it’s important.

Until now. They have been pushed too far. This army of women, who I have seen defeat personal and professional battles in one fell swoop, are done. They have taken the little bit of time and attention they had in reserve, and have turned it to Washington, their state capitols and local councils. They are paying attention and they are horrified.

From neighborhood hidden listserves, to Get Shit Done (GSD) groups, to family email chains across the country — these women aren’t going to take it anymore. And, I am so relieved. I’ve seen what these women can do. I have seen their adversaries left in the dust, long forgotten.

This is what gives me hope for our future. And, watch out legislators, because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.