and it’s leaning towards war.

Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

It was no surprise people started thinking about the possibility of a renewed civil war in Lebanon when country-wide protests broke out in October 2019. The warnings appeared in numerous newspaper headlines¹, Youtube videos², and Lebanon’s President, Michel Aoun, cautioned that the uprisings were creating “the atmosphere of civil war in a worrying way.”³ What’s more, last weeks warehouse explosion has citizens back on the streets and clashing with security forces.⁴

Despite these precautionary warnings, and the inarguable fact that the country is in crisis, some think the threat of war is overestimated. For example…

President Trump’s Senate trial began on Tuesday, January 21st. Now with his anticipated acquittal on the horizon, I want to discuss a pervasive issue that’s plagued the entire impeachment process.

The words ‘fact’ and ‘evidence’ were used a total of 518 times in the House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearings without definition. ‘Fact’ was used 178 times and ‘evidence’, 340. These two concepts were bound to be used hundreds of times more during the impeachment trial, yet, a clear shared conception of what exactly facts and evidence are was never stipulated.

Why is it so vital to have a clear understanding…

Samantha Wakil

PhD. Doing philosophy for the people.

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