Your Angle Presented Globally fit for the Web 3.0

Samantha Yap
Apr 9, 2018 · 3 min read

The decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is going to be a fundamental part of everyday life in the years to come.

We’re entering the Web 3.0 era where people can access data from anywhere regardless of their socioeconomic status and access to basic infrastructure.

I even learned earlier this year that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could solve the financial inclusion problem for developing countries like Papua New Guinea.

This exciting world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology captured my attention last year while working with fintech startups at a PR agency.

Seizing the opportunity

Upon taking a leap of faith and moving to London — the ‘fintech capital of the world’ — in November 2017, doors started to open for me in a way that I had not imagined.

I soon realised that this industry needs more people who both understand the technology and have the communication skills to educate future adopters of it.

My journalism story-telling skills and subject knowledge of blockchain has placed me in a key position in this industry, while my curiosity has lead me to explore this path further.

Narrowing the communication gap on Blockchain

Back in the early days of the internet, sending an email was a new and novel way of communicating with one another.

Now, sending an email is ingrained in our everyday lives. So what did it take for society to get to this point?

As with all new technology, it took time for it to be embraced, but began with education.

While various sectors from energy to real estate and healthcare are starting to experiment and adopt blockchain technology, there is still a lack of understanding among the media and general public about what this emerging technology means for them and their business.

I believe the best way to educate the mainstream audience today is through the media.

This is why I’ve decided to launch YAP Global, a dedicated PR and communications team that will help blockchain and cryptocurrency startups explain their projects in an informative and effective way to the people they’re going to impact.

It’s not just about creating noise for the companies that want to be seen and heard but also formulating the right kind of voice for those shaping this very young and rapidly growing industry.

Sweet spot & global reach

We are the best interim option for blockchain & cryptocurrency startups who may be too small to have their own marketing and communications managers and have no need for full scale PR firms who have their own objectives.

Being small and agile like most businesses, we work to adapt to your culture and your vision.

We want to work with you to shift media attention to the projects and opportunities that this technology experts say is ushering a new “internet of value”.

We currently work with startups from all the around the world, from locations in the US, the UK, Switzerland, Australia and Singapore.

Stay tuned because we may be stopping by your part of town soon.

This industry is moving fast, and we’re having a great time riding the “crypto” wave.

If you want to find out more about YAP Global or would just like to get connected, please don’t hesitate to email me at:

Written by

Founder & Director of YAP Global ( Journalist at heart. Previously @channelnewsasia.

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