31 Thoughts While Running

A lot of people say that running “helps them clear their mind.” For me, that’s just not the case.

Here are 31 thoughts that go through my mind when running (usually about 3.5 miles):

  • Got my app, got my headphones, got my beats, GOT THISSSSS
  • I hate running on main roads, everyone is judging me. Yes, I’m power walking to start!!
  • Okay, now it’s time to start running. Shins hurting already.
  • This song is wrong….
  • OKAY BETTER SONG AND I’M ON THE MOOOVE! I probably look so hot and athletic right now.
  • I wonder if this will burn off that bagel I ate earlier
  • And my chest is tightening omg.
  • I want to walk but then my time will be longer :( Must. keep. jogging.
  • Alright, I feel great again. It’s true, mind over matter.
  • Blame it on the niiiiiii-iiiiight, don’t blame it on meeeeeee
  • Don’t blame it oon meeeeee
  • I wonder when I can see Calvin Harris live. I wonder if he runs…
  • Oh another jogger is approaching. Look like you know what you’re doing.
  • I bet I’m faster than them.
  • Hellooooo fellow joggerrrr!!!!!
  • Oh, nope they’re def faster.
  • Meh. I suck.
  • It’s okay, I am doing what I can! AND THATS WHAT MATTERS!
  • I wish I didn’t sweat so much when I work out..
  • Ow.
  • I’ve been jogging forever, I wonder how much longer…
  • Another mile and a half
  • *big sigh*
  • How much longer…. and only another mile and a quarter….
  • ….
  • Wait no, no that’s not it
  • I’m so going swimming after this.
  • So.Much.Thirst.
  • Move out of the way grandpa I wanna end this here and now
  • And I’m dead
  • BUT I FEEL GREAT. I’m so healthy.
  • GO ME :)
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