How Do I Make People Like Me?

Oh, the question that has had soo many answers. Yet, which is right? Personally, I don’t really know what’s right for everyone, but I’d like to share what has worked for me!

You might ask, “Who are you to tell me?” Well, I’m no psychologist, but the majority of my colleagues have expressed their love for working with me on numerous occasions, as well as pointed to my ability to easily build rapport with others.

So sit back, relax, and I’ll drop some knowledge for ya.


Have you ever enjoyed being around a grouch? Probably not; except on those rare occasions when you are also a grouch and enjoy a fellow grouch’s company. Do you like spending time with another person who is overly enthusiastic and happy? You probably don’t like that person just as much as you don’t like hanging around the grouch, because they don’t seem genuine.

The key here is balance and to be your genuinely happy self. If you’re not happy, find a reason to be. If that doesn’t work, just be pleasant and people will still like you more than the grim reaper or miss cheerleader. If you don’t care if people like you, why are you reading this?


This one feels obvious, but a lot of people trip up here because ego and emotions come into play. The most common way I see people being disrespectful is by being arrogant and/or condescending. How these acts of disrespect are delivered can vary, but usually they are masked by a “just kidding” or using sarcasm. Everyone knows what you’re doing and thinks you’re a dick, but you.

I realize this is a tough one to give up. I also struggle with it when I’m working with someone who seems as dumb as a doorknob. But, if you don’t value others and respect them, not only will you hurt the relationship with the person you’re disrespecting, but anyone in the vicinity who witnesses it.


Everyone poops. Yes, even the sexiest men and women out there. They all poop out of their butt. So, while you should maintain a level of respect for others and yourself, the whole “I’m too cool for blah blah” act is old. We’re not in high school anymore.

This means, if you goof up on occasion, feel free to laugh. It brings everyone around you at ease too, because they feel more comfortable to be themselves. Another example of taking yourself too seriously is when you dominate a conversation; it’s great to participate but when you’re the only one talking, it gives off the impression that the only opinion that matters is yours (which, isn’t the case).


Did you shower today/last night? Did you brush your teeth? Did you put on a modest amount of perfume/cologne on today? Put on deodorant?

If any of the answers to the above are no, then you probably smell bad. People strongly associate smells with feelings, so if you smell bad….