The Selfie Filter Bandwagon

I just started a new job and, as most people know, it takes a while to be fully submerged into the culture, your team and have an actual workload. Which is fine. I don’t mind chillin’ here with my coffee while I wait for the ringing in my right ear to cease.

For some background, my boyfriend is a music producer, among other things, and we often go to see live shows to see his famous DJ friends perform. Therefore, my head’s usually right next to the speaker and while I love it at the time, I’m typically paying for it the next day; hence the ear ache.

To distract myself from this slight pain and make it look like I’m semi-productive, I resorted to reading TechCrunch where I found this article announcing Facebook’s new selfie filters. Not to fret, they’re only being tested at the moment, primarily in Canada, but wtf?

Does Facebook have to be the forefront of everything? My initial reaction was to bitch about this on Facebook, but then realized how moronic that would be. I’ve been meaning to start a semi-anonymous blog, so here’s where I’m starting.

This article raised a couple issues for me; first being the fact that corporations are just gobbling up all of their competitors as of late. Again, wtf?? Aren’t there laws against oligopolies and monopolies? Yet, it seems that if a company (or individual) has enough money to hire the most brilliant lawyers and maybe even pay off some folks to “look the other way”, they can get away with just about anything. Soon, it won’t be the people running this country, it will be these corporate giants (if they aren’t already completely in charge).

Second, this: “ Here, Facebook is trying to combat the reported decline in original content sharing. According to figures attained by The Information, original content sharing like status updates, photos, and home-made videos, was down 15% year over year on Facebook as of February. Facebook’s feed began to be dominated by impersonal, generic link sharing and posts by news publishers. But original shares from friends are what make Facebook an indispensable daily habit.”

The above excerpt from TechCrunch Josh Constine’s piece confuses me, because I thought Facebook prided itself on being a news source for younger generations, AKA people sharing unoriginal content. I’ve been a Facebook user since 2008 and based on what original content I’ve seen come from my network, I’m GLAD that people are sharing less of their own thoughts and more of other people’s. For example, many young ladies are posting about their love for Jesus, which is great. I fully support people’s beliefs. However, not when they contradict themselves. Usually, these young ladies are the ones who have had multiple children out of wedlock with a number of different men. I’m pretty sure that’s against the “rules” and it’s infuriating to read about. If people return to posting original content (AKA poorly written status updates), it will result in people steering away from Facebook to other sources of information and subjective content that better matches their personal opinion. If Facebook really wanted its users to share original content, it would introduce a platform such as Medium. But, no. Facebook wants you to be original, and share selfies with images they created, based off an idea they stole from another company. Yes, let’s be original.

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