Captured ( in Essence :)

Life, more often than not is a sum of

fleeting moments. I pretend the Almighty

niddled millions of tiny cameras at my

fingertips and I knit memories from

the palms of my hands and scribble

scrap books, only, they are but just words,

perpetually framed.

More often than not, most things are

re-lived on the lips of storytellers,

re-born on page from the print from

the fingertips of story makers.

Its about description.

Observation captures patterns.

Any image alignes my grammar.

Perspectives and angles have

a way of flooding words,

even at a distance.

Chronologically, I plaster poetry

on a wall and frame moments in

an unparalleled manner, almost as

though life where a series of moments

captured in essence of what

I really want to see.

“We see the world as we are, not as it is.” — M. G

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