Learning love,

“Life is not a matter of self versus other. Life is a matter of relationship. Life is not a matter of human versus divine, but a matter of relationship between the human and the divine. Life is not a matter of one living thing versus another, but of the relationship between all living things.” ACOL

Everything that you consider valuable, you want to keep. This makes perfect sense to you because the foundation of your world is fear. Were the foundation of your world love, everything that you consider valuable you could not wait to share. Perhaps you think the desire to keep things for yourself stems from something other than fear. You might call this desire pride or security, or even accept that it is vanity, before you would call it fear. But fear is what it is.
-A Course of Love.

To unlearn fear and relearn love

is a new genesis. To learn the art

of mindfulness, thoughtfulness and

kindness. Learning to give

Everything because love is an end

in itself — there is plenty more

were it comes from.

Learning love like you would a skill.

The practice of it creates

consciousness, the awareness of

one seeking and learning


The awareness of

the shifting and fleeting nature of

life, learning to do everything with

the deepest sense of intention and

authentic energy.

Adulthood is unsteady,

we carry exhaustion, confusion

and fear. Fear of being wounded

physically, mentally, emotionally,

and spiritually.

Learning love is learning vulnerability.

Vulnerable time is healing time. Healing

means you are no longer vulnerable to

being wounded.

Learning love is to water rose petals

until they grow tall enough to cover

your thorns, vibrant enough to over

shadow your doubts.

Learning love is staying up to

create a reality much better than

your dreams.

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