Periscope up! An introduction to Twitter’s live video streaming app

Welcome to Periscope, one of the fastest growing social media platforms of all time. Yep, it took Facebook 10 months to gain 1 million users but Periscope did it in a mere 10 days and, at the time of writing, Periscope has just clocked up more than 300 million active users and even those number are growing daily.

But what is Periscope?

Periscope is Twitter’s live video broadcasting app, which is available on Android and iOs. It allows anyone to broadcast live video to anyone else using a mobile phone or tablet.

So, you can share your experiences via video with anyone else — live! It’s pretty extraordinary to be able to join someone climbing a pyramid in Egypt or commuting to work on London’s Tube — or, perhaps, cooking their favourite dish in their own kitchen and, of course, it all happens in real time.

Though you can use Periscope without a Twitter account, by linking your Twitter and Periscope accounts, you can share your ‘scopes’ directly onto your Twitter feed, and also alert your Twitter followers whenever you’re live.

In theory, ‘Scopes,’ which are live video streams created on Periscope, last just 24 hours, however, several apps have been created to allow you to keep scopes permanently.

How do I get started?

As with any app, visit the app store that is appropriate to your device and start downloading. It really is that quick and simple.

Once you open the app, sign in with your Twitter username and your picture and bio data will all be pulled in automatically. Of course, if you’re setting up Periscope without a Twitter account, you’ll need to input all this information manually.

When you are ready to broadcast your first scope, come up with a catchy title and hit the Broadcast icon. The app will initialise a video stream and, as soon as you hit the big red Start Broadcast button, all your followers will instantly be alerted that you’re live and online — and they’ll be able to see whatever it is you’re sharing.

Depending on the popularity of your video, you’ll soon see hearts flying across the screen. These hearts are the equivalent of ‘Likes’ on other social media, so the more you see, the more people are loving your video.

That’s pretty much it! Periscope is an amazing app that truly connects us with others across the globe. It allows us to the opportunity to share our experiences with others — and, naturally, share other people’s experiences too!

The possibilities are endless, so start scopin’ — and don’t forget to follow us @WatermelonMedia to see everything we’ve broadcast in the previous 24 hours.