New Year, New Prayer

Each year I fail to make or commit to a new years resolution. Partly because I don’t see the point; I want to live each day as a new day. Well, here’s my exception. A prayer for growth. To look back year on year and see my faith grow in abundance.

God has already grown me so much, but I will conintue asking for more. Each year, I look back and see someone whose faith I no longer recognise. I will boast, not of myself but of Him. I invited Him and He did the rest.

Please join me in my invitation and prayer this new year:

Father God,
I invite you to share this year with me,
To change me from the inside out,
Do more within and through me than I can imagine,
Grow my faith in abundance,
I pray in a years time to find someone spiritually unrecognisable.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.
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