I would have also terminated your privileges for crossing the lines of Code of Ethics, if I ran…
Roger Whittaker

You bring up really excellent points. My one point of contention with them though, is that his previous employer required him to set up his own personal blog as part of his employment with them. Granted, maybe admitting an incapability of being objective is not what I would have chosen to share, but I have not had the same experiences as Lewis, and therefore not the same impetus to raise my voice in the same way. Maybe they should have been more clear about what was expected from the personal blog. Maybe Lewis shouldn’t have said (essentially) that he’s unqualified to continue reporting for a news outlet that positions itself as unbiased.

Along those lines, I do agree with most of what he said; the truth is there. But it seems like his employer realized that they no longer had an impartial voice reporting, and that is their goal for their publication (and not something I fault them for).

Sometimes when both sides have valid points, and both work for truth, they still cannot work together for valid reasons.

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