Mattsson profiles Sweden

This morning I read a powerful, brief, and personally emotional article this morning. The author is Christer Mattsson, a researcher at the Gothenburg University. Published on 8 February 2017, that article seeks to briefly highlight the author’s current research in light of events and present the uncomfortable, deteriorating flaw of Swedish society.

Not everybody is treated the same. There is not even a pretence that everybody is treated the same.

Far-right wing extremists are given a break. They’re crimes are the result of an internal psychological issue. There was something wrong with them, not wrong with the society in which they were raised. But this would be mistaken. Swedish society cultivates contempt for Islam, while tolerating far-right wing extremism, because Nazis are not a threat to society, right??

The fact that Sweden’s local authorities’ action plans are designed to permeate the Islamic extremist community with little regard for far-right extremists and acts of terrorism. These action plans will be implemented throughout Sweden, at cost to the taxpayers…ALL taxpayers, in town that there have no history or report of Islamic extremism, but where Nazi organizations are located and active.

Mattsson believes there is a problem in Sweden: racism. Islam is seen as un-Swedish, un-European, un-wanted. Instead of developing programs to combat tension, prejudice, and hostility, programs are devised to control, monitor, and suspect the Muslim community.

Mattsson will be releasing his study on Sweden’s measures to protect and insulate Swedish society from the threat of Islam and infiltration of (extremist) Muslims. One just has to look to the PREVENT strategy to imagine the potential disaster these policies will create over time and the very real fact that they will exacerbate tensions between resident Muslims and their own country.

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