Tribeca Virtual Arcade, 2019 (Note: Not in 2017 when the story takes place)

A Journey into VR, AR, and Spatial Computing

So there I was, standing in a prison cell, looking directly at a somewhat menacing bunkmate. I looked around the small room, the small window, the uninviting bunk bed. This is where I’d have to live for months, years. It felt inhumane…

One of the biggest theoretical models for marketers is what’s called a “purchase funnel.” Also known as a customer funnel, marketing funnel, sales or conversion funnel. There are variations in the steps as well. Awareness to interest to desire to action; awareness to interest to evaluation to commitment to sale…

MIT Reality Hack 2020

“You have 5 minutes. Go!”

Picture yourself in the final hours of a Hackathon. You’ve spent the past 48 hours+ working through the night developing a product. Coding, iterating, coding, testing. Finally, whether the product is working or not, whether it met your team’s vision or not, it is time…

Samantha G. Wolfe

Founder of PitchFWD I #EmergingTech #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #Marketing #Branding #BizDev

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