Biggest Little Hipster

The new and upcoming hipster scene in Reno… Being a hipster for a day in Reno.

After moving to Reno from a small mountain town 30 minutes down the highway, there was a culture shock. I could not find my crowd for the longest time, and I must add it was difficult. After moving forward and attempting to be social, I realized there was indeed a super local music scene here. It was beyond different than the local folksy music scene in North Lake Tahoe where three venues lived. My first show ever in Reno took place in a living room with a fog machine and solo artist playing their own projects.

The fire alarm went off, and the windows were open. A whole new crowd of people just entered into my life. The freaks of high school, just as Freaks and Geeks portrays. The long bleached blond purple highlighted hair, boyfriend jean, cropped top friends. Glasses frames taking up half of their faces, while discussing early 2000 pop culture references.

What it includes:

Coffee shop lovers who are apart of the local music scene.

Music scene venues.

Does being a barista help connections with local artist or musicians?

Coffee club at Hub Roasters.