Gary Oldman slept here…

If our walls could talk oh the great stories #602 would tell.

After over 4 years of living in our place in Hollywood, our building manager revealed to us that one of our all time favorite actors Gary Oldman once inhabited our penthouse apartment. In a neighborhood full of celebrity tour buses that I regularly poke fun of, it was sweetly ironic to know a bit of Hollywood trivia is found surprisingly in our own home.

A place that is perfectly Hollywood and Hollywood imperfect, it makes me love our home even more. An old 1950s building with a rickety elevator and weather beaten walls…. it was the floor to ceiling sweeping views of Tinseltown, downtown LA, and even Catalina on a clear day that pulled us in.

A home that keeps us in the heart of the action, steps away from the famous Walk of Fame, El Capitan, and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and of course the Oscars every year. It’s a place that screams for parties with fancy cocktails and cultured debates and debacles overlooking the glittering Hollywood skyline. We’ve been happy to oblige.

One of our favorite rooms is what we have deemed the parlor… a proper sitting room of family antiques including a dry bar from the 1800's that has been in my husbands family for decades. I regularly check us in there as it does serve the best drinks in town — it’s also my office where I write.

Rumor has it Oldman had our balcony/parlor enclosed amidst concerns that someone would break in from the rooftop. Thanks Gary, I’ve been a bit freaked out by that notion myself from time to time. Though that story isn’t quite as interesting as our other assumption, that it was enclosed to keep crazy Hollywood types from diving off into the pool 8 stories below….. or was it?

quoted from Oldman

“We lived in a flat that you could pretty much fit in my current kitchen. No wonder people drink! I can’t understand why they don’t throw themselves off the balconies.” -Gary Oldman

My overly creative assumptions redeemed.

I now think of the soirées that may have occurred, writing crafted, roles rehearsed, music played, and books read… all where we write, read, rehearse and entertain…. happily keeping the creative mojo of the place going.

One of the great gifts of living over Hollywood is the creative energy that seems to reverberate from the lights below. It is an energy neither created nor destroyed, just transferred between those who inhabit it. As artists, we will graciously accept the creative juju that may have seeped into our walls.

Thanks Mr. Oldman, we’ll proudly continue the Hollywood heritage of #602

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