My Medium Challenge

I love a good challenge; pushing myself to do things I haven’t done before, sometimes making myself uncomfortable in the process — just because. 
Many of them were whims, which have lead to major life changes and have become a huge part of who I am in my own personal development.

It all started in junior high when I was challenged to join the crew team. 
Someone bet me I couldn’t make it a season; I was a bit of a girly girl. 
Thirty years later, rowing is one of my life-long loves.

On a whim I studied Italian, challenging myself to a semester at UCLA,
3 years di lezioni — I can curse in Italian and still keep it classy.

There was a challenge to learn to play the fiddle. That one didn’t last long, nor should it have. I was horrible, but I now light up when I hear someone else play.

I challenged myself to running a half marathon years ago, which lead to several marathons and years of running. It became religion to me.

I have done the “Read 100” books challenge. It opened me up to new worlds, encouraged my love of reading, and added a couple notches to my eyeglasses prescription.

The 30-day squat challenge hurt like hell when I did it, but my ass looked really great after.

I’ve done my share of bar-hop challenges. Those never end well.

I’m now doing “A year of Stitches” and a Meditation-a-day challenge, which I sometimes merge, they do beautiful things together.

I recently read Heidi K. Isern’s post on Medium that caught my challenge-chasing brain. She challenged herself to write an article a week on Medium. I think that’s amazing. I could really identify with why she did it, the lessons she learned, and what it gave back to her.

It hit me that I need to do this. I read something powerful that really clicked with me.

She wrote…

“Writing, more than any other pursuit, made me feel the most “me.”

My heart warmed. That is me.

I consider myself a wanna-be-writer. I really enjoy it. I have been journaling since I was a kid. I wrote a book right after finishing grad school about my experience, which I took two months to knock out. It was an enormous gift I gave to myself. I’ve had the itch ever since. Then, life happened. I got married, got back to my professional life in advertising, and now have a 3 year old daughter. I’m now working on my second book, which I’m struggling to finish even though I am hugely passionate about the subject. Like most parents, I get caught up in every day challenges — my book and my writing has narrowed to small bits of inspiration and energy. I live for moments when writing clarity hits; usually in the shower, hiking, and my random bouts of insomnia.

As Heidi wrote in her post, “Why? I wanted to see if this writing hobby of mine had any merit”.

Do I really love writing enough to make this type of commitment to it publicly, or is it my romanticized idea of writing I love?

I don’t know where this challenge will take me. Hopefully it will make me 
a much better writer and refine my craft, help me connect with people through storytelling, and elevate my critical thinking about the world around me.

If it delivers like many of the other life-changing challenges of my past, 
I know it was worth every word.

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