‘Alice in Wonderland’ may be our way ‘through the looking glass’ of climate denial, towards resolving our anxiety for survival.

..in the ‘eternal tea table’ of our collective ‘unbirthday’ we face decisions that make no sense but through which we must prevail.

what ‘door’ will you choose?

Children are perhaps unwittingly leading a way through, what adults have always known has been in the realm of the savvy innovator, the manipulator and the dogged realist to dislodge and navigate the economist into an alternate reality that does not involve endless growth in a world whose resources are finite in order to continue to placate the establishment into change within the annals of greed and power. Painting nature’s ‘white roses red’ to satisfy the insatiable drive for more.

Despite the fear Alice initially feels towards the insanity of the red queen’s demands for head chopping and crazy solution to service her greed Alice learns to stand up to her

The red queen “off with their heads!!” approach to nature, life and politics is what has governed agricultural food supply and demand since even before monarchs ruled the world with violence and arms. But we are not the first to farm, to curb others to our way for food and resources even though it may be time for us to go back to nature’s way and work with her in this. Even ants and beetles have been cultivating bumper crops of fungi 50 million years before we started farming. For the world of soil with its trillions of microbes is actually what holds the key to climate balance.

And whilst the naive try to navigate this climate labyrinth with endlessly ‘logical’ polite talks and discourse… the world continues to dissemble into mad hatter tea parties, purporting to care but which may also be equally out of balance with the reality of our species and, like all creatures, our drive to survive, to eat everything and still want MORE!!

Alice questions the Cheshire cat who’s enigmatic replies continue to guide her…

Perhaps the time has come to consult Alice’s disembodied fantasy with our own ability for creative thought? “Curioser and curioser “ she cried…

Just as Alice discovers that the true power is within herself as it is in each of us, now maybe the time to look into the innate nature of our species which will always thirst both for food and knowledge?

To give over to the pursuant dream that there are many who would seek the riddles that lie before us, sign-posted as actual ways forward. That we might all find easy measures to solve and enjoy the abundance nature can provide in balance? On one level perhaps it is merely to embrace the simple life before us; the whole foods of choice, the civilised ‘tea ceremony’ and ‘cupcakes’ of pleasure we can indulge in that support a way forward for nature and circumvent the Red Queen’s insanity and greed for power, so that we too may emerge, like Alice, from this journey able to stand in our power of logic and survival?

Alice standing in her own power with the Red Queen
The mystic and the riddler the guides within us all.

Alice is on an inward, dreamlike journey that is outwardly nonsensical but is ultimately for knowledge and self confidence. Perhaps some might see that this awareness of our own power is actually well within our grasp. The way is sign posted with many guides before us.

Perhaps the least understood in my story of our own ‘wonderland’ in resolving the climate issue is literally the very rabbit hole itself …

Travelling down into the world of the soil.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum provide odd insights in Alice journey into her self

Representing two somewhat unknown elements of our world are the unsung heroes we ignore because they are to the naked eye, let’s dub them Tweedle Dee in one corner representing all good bacteria and his brother Tweedle Dum the opposing no-air-guy, anaerobic bacteria, that make up the life force that drives our survival and demise on so many levels. The army of our existence without which we can not exist. They translate dirt into liquid minerals that provide the very building blocks of plant respiration or ability to breath oxygen into the air for us and soak up our carbon emissions. Much as our stumpy friends seem like blind fools they are perhaps unwittingly the key to our survival.

So before you dismiss humanity as doomed to an inevitable imminent extinction due to our stupidity and greed, take heart! For the Tweedle Dees and Dum’s of our planet will surpass us all right beneath our feet to bring about a much needed balance its merely how we dance with them and understand their role in our survival that matters.

Within the microbial biome inside you lies a parallel world you control.

Samantha Jewel on Urth.io

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Born in Melbourne. Advocate for organics on how to restore balance to the climate and human health since 1997. Now using blockchain tech to help fuel change.

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