My Medium page has become my outlet and honestly it is what my “blog” has become. Not being able to budget in Wordpress this year has been a bit of a roller coaster for me, but I am glad that I am here. I am learning more about my writing voice and what I want to bring to the table when I write in this form. My books are a different story in them I want to bring escape, here I want to bring reality and how to deal with it or at least how I am dealing with it and hope it helps someone else. That would bring us to today, the job hunt.

I have been at my current job for ten years, I have not had a raise in several of those years and honestly after the baby is here I don’t want to go back to that job. It really isn’t feasible for me to work outside of the home after she is here honestly, so I am looking for a work from home position that I can work around my husband’s schedule. Hooray, can we say call center work? I have been looking at Freelance writing but my grammar skills are still lacking. Any suggestions are welcome, I know there is a comment section some where around here. Why am I screaming though? I am screaming because for the fifteenth hundredth time I read a job description that if I had any type of tech skills I could do. Customer service plus tech speak are the going things these days. Do you know what I know about tech stuff? I press button computer come on, plug in cord to get juice if battery is low, and call husband who is a computer tech if anything bad happens. I am lucky I can find the publish button to click some days. This has sadden me more than once, but I have to trudge on and keep looking.

I wish I could tell anyone looking for a work from home job that it is easy to find the perfect fit, and tomorrow you will find the right thing for you. It simply isn’t that easy, and there is no way of knowing exactly what you are getting into. The one thing I know is I am not giving up on finding the right job to keep my family afloat, nor am I willing to give up on my writing. So I say to anyone looking and reading this you are not alone in your search, and you will succeed. How do I know? Because there is only one choice and that is success! Keep moving forward, is that to cliche?

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