Code for Coding

I’m excited I finished my first coding project, and while it is simple it is still more than the nothing that was on the page before. Learning to code isn’t an easy task, there is a lot of looking up things to figure out how it works, why it works, and if indeed it is what you need to work. The other aspect that makes it hard to learn, is being part of a family. I started this journey so eventually I could pay the bills from home and be with my girls. So here I am at home with my girls learning this stuff and between trying to make sure all my <div> has a </div>, finding shoes for a six year old, and feeding the one month old, not to mention my sweet husband, I may or may not have hair left at the end of it all.

That isn’t to say it’s not worth it, because it totally is. I am coming from a self taught community, and finding lumps and bumps along the way just like I’m sure I would in a regular brick and mortar setting, but I’m also finding a lot of support and help in the forums at FreeCodeCamp. I’m also using Codecademey as a resource, they send neat little lessons out once in awhile that my oldest loves to watch, as they are interactive. Baby girl doesn’t care at this point as long as she gets her bottle. I get to watch them grow and learn as I grow and learn, and that is amazing to me. To watch my oldest’s eyes get big when I tell her I have to do homework or study is irreplaceable. I watch as she has slowly started realizing mommy is learning things too, and mommy also has a hard time. I hope I serve as a good example and encouragement for her as she goes into her first grade year of school and for the rest of her life. I will still be learning new things when the younger one is old enough to remember but I don’t know that it will be as much of a struggle then as it is now. So I will have to rely on my oldest to tell her how it was in those dark days, when mom herself was a student.

I want to parent by example, not by words alone, I want to follow through and make my girls proud of who their mom is. This is the secret code, the open and close, to my coding drive to do and be the best person I can in all aspects of life for them. That doesn’t mean I only let them see a perfect person, it means I let them see that I am human, that I struggle, fail at times, and that I still get up shake myself off (granted sometimes after tears) and keep going. With any luck I may reach past my two young girls and maybe touch the heart of a few others I know who are feeling like they aren’t going anywhere. I felt it and I hated it, and now I feel like I am doing something to erase that feeling.

I hope you all can find something that motivates and pushes you forward. Then I hope you can find away to make moving forward happen. How about it any good motivational stories you want to share?

Go check out my simple little page I made if you want. It may not be the best but I’m just starting out and I think I did pretty decent.

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