Nose to the Grind Stone (ouch!)

So today I am back to doing what I love, writing! Or would it be more appropriate to say story making these days? Since the last time 95% of current writers actually wrote on a piece of paper for their entire story was probably ten plus years. Honestly, I have a computer because when I was first looking into how to submit stories most publications want a typed format. That is a story for another day.

Going off on a tangent writing spree is always fun, and probably the down fall of me getting most of my stories finished. Today is no exception, I am putting aside all the other materials I have been trying to revise and finish for a bit of a walk down children’s lit. lane. As I was rearranging for the baby’s things (yet again, seriously how does someone less than ten pounds have so much stuff?) I came across two drawings my mother in law gave me to write a story about. The art is beautifully done and the pictures look appealing to 5–10 year old mind set. So there is the task set before me, and as my 6 year old seems bored with all the books she currently has, we are awaiting the publication of more books a few of the series we read, I thought I would try and make a story that would engulf her.

Challenge easy? Right? Well here is the problem, my kid isn’t engulfed by little kid books that most 5 and 6 year old kids read, we have read Robinson Crusoe, Heidi, The Hobbit, The Wizard of Oz (full book not Disney’s telling), and several other classics. Most of the books we read together are upper elementary to middle grade chapter books, while occasionally she will want to read something more “grade level” for herself. So my mission is this take two pictures and spin them into something that isn’t to babyish but I want it to still grasp at the little kid part of her being. Let’s see what I come up with. Wish me luck, and hope I don’t get my nose shaved to much by the grind stone.

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