Thoughts of a Three week old

So this is just a fun post as I have a moment from the little ball of fuss. As anyone who has had a baby knows they grow quickly and sometimes you wonder what is going on in their little head. So here is my best guess at some of the things she has going on in her mind.

“I never had to wait this long in the womb for food!” Breastfeeding just didn’t work out for various reasons, so she has to wait for me to go to the kitchen make a bottle and feed her. I know I know, it is a hard life when you’re a baby.

“Mom, Mom, for the love of all that is good what is that thing in the middle of my face?” This is when she goes crossed eyed looking at her nose and the look on her face can only be described as one of worry.

“You want to sleep? Okay you can sleep as long as you don’t close your eyes and you give me all your attention.” Seriously my husband and I have taken to sleeping in shifts seems like as soon as both of us are asleep she is awake.

“Tummy time?! Oh give me more!” Followed directly by. “You dare flip me over onto my back?! I will not sleep like this! I will scream until you can no longer hear, put me back!” Another reason for the shift sleeping, I don’t exaggerate the screaming when she is on her back. So she hangs out next to us on her tummy so we know she is okay. I try to wait until she knocked out for thirty minutes before moving her and still the same result, guess what happens when I flip her back over on her tummy. “ZZZZZZZZZ”

“I will make it over this hill!” She scoots better than any three week old I’ve ever seen. She’ll go about two feet in an hour and enjoys herself. She also has a habit of falling asleep on my lap (I sit on the bed legs criss crossed and put her in the nook my leg forms.) she does her best to climb scoot herself over my leg. She managed it one day with a really good push.

“Dad, you’ve been gone all day at work! Good for you, here’s your reward.” She likes to give him a welcome home diaper each day.

“Mom, mom, I can’t sleep! Please give me your chest to lay on.” When all else fails, never under estimate the power of your heartbeat.

And last but not least. “I don’t like this diaper being wet! I also don’t like the air on my naked behind! Hurry up with that! I know I’ll scream til you’re done, isn’t that better?”

How about yall, any funny stories from when your kids, niece, nephew, cousin, friend’s kids were little? Leave me a comment.

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