Gone in 60 seconds: Cancer causing chemicals & rapid aging found in your “BEST” products.

Do you ever wonder why your products seems to disappear so quickly? Most shampoos, conditioner, make-up, lotions and various other products tend to have parabens that keep the products from getting mold or harmful bacteria growth. Sounds like a good thing right? Well in order to keep the products free of mold and bacteria growth the products have many harmful cancer casuing chemicals inside them. These cancer causing parabens also act as a filler which means you use your products quicker than normal so you go purchase another one. So not only are these harmful chemicals sinking into your skin within 60 seconds of the application you are also wasting endless money on these products. So think twice before your next product purchase, get to know just what your putting onto your biggest organ…your skin.

If you have any questions or want alternative products that help you instead of hurt you feel free to message me or comment!