Out of Pocket: What Teachers Across the Country Spend on Supplies
Joanna Petrone

This is fascinating! I’ve never heard in such detail how schools handle supplies elsewhere.

I’m a first year teacher at a Title I school in Mississippi. My school has a lot of community partnerships — we’ve had a few different churches come and donate supplies (pencils, crayons, lined paper) and most of my students brought basics, like a few pencils and a notebook. Another church actually came to my principal and offered to buy each teacher a dollar amount of school supplies, whatever we needed, which is really nice.

I set up a PledgeCents fund (similar to GoFundMe) and raised a good chunk of money from my friends and family. Mississippi also has EEF cards, which every public school teacher gets — it’s like a prepaid debit card that you use to buy supplies. I’m not sure how much will be on that card, but it’s supposed to be somewhere around $300, and we get that in October or November.

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