What Rubs You the Wrong Way?

What rubs you the wrong way based on your sign? Find out and get helpful horoscope tips along the way.

Aries: Competitive by nature, they have a dream and pursue it with enormous enthusiasm. Never discourage them or come between them and their dreams. In an attempt to protect the dream from your drastic interference an Aries person may blacklist you and never want to see you again. The converse is also true – support the secret dreams of Aries, and you’ll deserve their gratefulness. Don't stop Aries who try to achieve their goals.

Taurus: A Taurus person isn’t prone to making thoughtless choices, they always think twice before choosing what they should really do. If you start hurrying them up these people become displeased and irritated, and it won’t lead to anything good. What Taurus really needs is your support and approval, so spare no effort to help him or her. Stay calm and patient, and your Taurus friend is sure to appreciate it. Don’t hustle Taurus into making important decisions.

Gemini: A Gemini person is cheerful and optimistic, and therefore wants to see people of the same temper around himself or herself. Gemini will truly appreciate your good mood and good conversation, but when you start whimpering about your problems or your annoying headache you are no longer a pleasant companion for a person of this zodiac sign. Never complain when Gemini is around!

Cancer: Some people of this sign may behave as if they were emotional creatures unable to protect themselves when it’s needed. Don’t buy into the first impression – Cancers are in the majority of cases people of strong personality, and it would be a great mistake to underestimate their abilities and the strength of their character. Try to get to know them better, and you’ll see it for yourself. Never think that Cancer is too weak and vulnerable.

Leo: Leos are loyal and valuable friends who highly appreciate their close people, and they expect the same attitude from you. If you start spreading rumors about Leo people or their loved ones no person of this sign will tolerate it. Be careful about what you say and how you say it not to lose your great Leo friend, although this piece of advice works with all the other zodiac signs, too. Don't discuss a Leo behind the back.

Virgo: People of this zodiac sign can’t bear arrogant snobs who delight in endless arguments but refuse to do anything positive to change the situation for the better. A show off is also not the type of person Virgo would like to make friends with, as well as a person of rigid mind. They don’t want to waste their time communicating with this kind of people, so try to be open-minded and honest when talking to your Virgo friend. To please a Virgo personality don't be too haughty or unjust.

Libra: Being one of the nicest zodiac signs Libras are able to become great friends, but only if you don’t try to take advantage of their friendly nature. They are incredibly good to the people who are open and sincere, but will easily discern between genuine wholeheartedness and hidden selfish motives. Being frank and honest you’ll find a way to a Libra’s heart, but be careful not to lose it later! Don't abuse the friendship of Libra.

Scorpio: Scorpios are very sensitive people at heart, and if they tell you their secrets they expect you to keep them. A Scorpio person who voluntarily discloses his or her secrets to you feels it’s possible to trust you; if you take advantage of the situation and betray Scorpio’s trust you should never expect to get it back. Try to stay honest, and your good attitude will be repaid a hundredfold. Never lie to Scorpio, and never reveal their secrets to others.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius has a personality that constantly strives for freedom, and this sign hates it when you control his or her life or lock this person up. If a Sagittarius person starts to realize you are trying to abridge his or her freedom it will certainly come to no good. Not to lose your Sagittarius friend try to be friendlier and less suppressive. Never limit the freedom of Sagittarius people telling them what to do.

Capricorn: Capricorn is known as a highly ambitious zodiac sign able to build grand ideas and striving to bring them to life. This sign needs people who will support him or her under any circumstances, and if you want to become such a person be ready to accept the craziest ideas Capricorn can suggest. Doubters and haters have little chances of finding themselves among Capricorn’s friends, because negativity is the last thing Capricorn may need. Never destroy Capricorn's ideas.

Aquarius: Aquarians don’t want to let others too close, and need extra space to feel more confident and free. If your behavior is too overbearing you’ll hardly get a chance to see an Aquarius among your best friends. Try to be more tolerant and less dictatorial and you’ll easily win confidence of this sign. Aquarius is the most free and independent zodiac sign.

Pisces: Intuition of this sign is totally incredible, and they’ll quickly understand you’re lying or pretending. Stay real and positive with Pisces people, and you’ll see they’ll appreciate it and become your true friends very soon! Otherwise you may never meet your Pisces ex-friend again. Remember that the same rule works with almost any zodiac sign, as no one wants to be deceived or betrayed. Never wear a mask with Pisces.


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