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If you’ve ever dealt with the frustration of trying to get in touch with a business — only to be met with a dysfunctional calling system or a never-ending series of redirects, you know how frustrating a poorly designed support system can be.

When businesses only offer a single way to get in touch, or have multiple forms of communication that are not aligned and integrated, customers get frustrated, and some go away entirely. Creating a system of interconnected and integrated support channels can help you avoid frustrating and annoying customers and ensure you get the results you want.

Omnichannel customer support can enhance service, solidify customer loyalty, and even reduce your overall customer satisfaction costs. …

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In 2019, over 57 million people were self-employed in a huge variety of businesses. For those who are making a living writing, consulting or with other creative talents, the ongoing pandemic presents fresh challenges we’ve never dealt with before. In the past, once a freelance writer established some clients and a great portfolio, earning a living writing was easy.

The arrival of Covid-19 and its challenges has put even those who have been writing successfully for years in a troubling position. One freelancer I interviewed usually makes over $10,000 per month — and saw his earnings plummet this month when brands he works for tightened their belts. …

It’s not a snow day, it’s a Coronavirus day, at least for some locations! Several SC counties just closed schools for two weeks, and entire states (New Mexico, California, Washington) have done the same. If you’re suddenly doing schoolwork at home, these tips will help.

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Rediscover your own backyard — for both study and playtime — as an unexpected homeschooler. Photo Smcnesby

We’ve been schooling at home for 5 years; here’s what we learned about setting up the day for success and finding things to do. …


Samantha McNesby

Writer covering travel, lifestyle and business for a variety of publications. I also write about the business side of freelance writing and blogging.

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