What Goes Around Comes Back Around; Being a dutiful neighbor

Samantha Olliver
Mar 9, 2018 · 4 min read

We all have certain responsibilities in a society. There are certain norms and codes of conduct that we need to follow. It is to ensure that our community is a healthy one — that everyone has equal rights to have a healthy, peaceful, and untroubled life. And we want the people around us to respect our rights as free and independent creatures. This can only be ensured if we work together, and come to agree on certain terms and moral ideals. We all have a right to enjoy this life that we have to its fullest.

If we do not cause any trouble to others, we can expect not to be troubled in return. According to a few definitions available to us, a neighbor can be defined as someone who lives close to you. But “close” is a relative term. For the city dweller, a neighbor is probably someone in the next apartment. But for the urban family, a neighbor is a bit further away. And for those living in rural areas, a neighbor may live a mile or two away.

By being good, understanding neighbors, we are helping to build a better society, where all can thrive and reap the rewards of a safe environment. A good neighbor is friendly and considerate. They respect the privacy of others. They are not offensive, nor are they defensive.

Important Considerations

It is of utmost importance to realize that all of us are different from each other. We all need to accept the fact that people coming from various backgrounds have very different lifestyles. We have to get along with each other in order for a community to survive. If ever a problem arises, you try to come forward and solve it, so that no harsh feelings gather up space inside anyone’s heart. There should be no ill will towards any member of a society. It won’t be easy, but you cannot achieve a better lifestyle without it. We all have a lot on our hands, what with the continuous pressures that are now such a big part of our lives. Patience and tolerance are key.

If we are bothersome or we cause trouble, we are going against the basic ethical code. This sort of behaviour is unacceptable. A little care from each of us can go a long way in developing a caring and socially responsible society.

Duties to Consider

If we own pets, we should always try to keep them under control, and not let them roam around freely without supervision. Special care must be taken around kids and elderly people, so as not to let them get in harm’s way. Sanitary precautions should be taken so that no public areas are left fouled or damaged. The level of noise should be reduced, and any loud activities should be limited to earlier in the day or to designated areas. Try to set up meetings with all members of your neighborhood to find out if there are any special needs or requirements that anyone may have.

If your neighbors have a security system installed and aren’t responding to alarms notifications, it is your duty to step up and contact the relevant authorities to avoid any mishaps. You can also use your own security system to contact those authorities. If you are protected by Vivint security, it can be exceedingly beneficial in such situations.

Setting Up a Neighborhood Watch

Setting up a neighborhood watch can do wonders to ensure the safety of the whole neighborhood. Having a safe neighborhood makes building relationships so much easier. A formal neighborhood watch program is an easy way to implement formal systems for keeping everyone safe. A great benefit of this is that neighbors can bond over protecting their homes and families. It can be really helpful if anyone is going for vacation, and has no one living in their house for a while. They can enjoy their time peacefully, knowing that their home is under protection by the neighbors, and that any suspicious behavior will be monitored and reported.

We should show gratitude, organize get-togethers, be influential through leadership, mentor through empathy, and most of all, have the greatness of heart to allow others the freedom of speech, and then be open-minded to what they have to say. With all this and more, we’re contributing and helping to make our neighborhood a safe, beautiful, and wonderful place to live. One act of kindness at a time — what we sow, so shall we reap.

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