Nobody said transwomen couldn’t be who they were but the problematic ones need to stop telling…
Keka Araújo

No? Her entire blog is about how trans women don’t get to be women because we aren’t cis. You literally replied to her saying how “actual science” is being superseded by “feelings and opinions”. That “actual science” was just her ignorant rhetoric used to dismiss the very real experiences and voices of trans women. No one is telling cis women who they are. What we ARE saying is stop speaking for us and excluding us from discussions about the struggles of women. Because, believe it or not, we experience most if not all of those very same struggles.

And I’ve never once before reading this blog heard the term “chestfeeding”. I’m also fairly certain no one anywhere is forcing people to use that word. What I have seen is the SUGGESTION from certain authoritative groups to use the term “pregnant people” as opposed to “pregnant women” because trans men and non-binary people get pregnant too. I have next to no doubt that this author is misconstruing that to mean people are no longer allowed to say “mother” or “breastfeeding”.

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