I have a little girl in my life,

She is sweet and she walks ahead,

She leaves me little breadcrumbs,

And by her I am eagerly led.

Through cities and along canal towpaths,

She studies the ground for me,

She tells me when it’s safe to walk,

And who it’s safe to be.

She says, “That man’s scary,

Make sure you’re everything that he needs,

That way he won’t get too angry,

He’ll leave your day in peace.”

She says, “Make sure that here you’re noticed,

That you make your mark and are heard,

Because if you just stay quiet,

You are worthless, a nothing in this world.”

When it’s dark at night she scares me,

With her jitteriness and frights,

She’s bold and instead she becomes scary -

Loud and boisterous, picking fights.

Mornings come and go in hazes,

By a great sadness she is overcome,

“Just keep going — Sam — don’t stop,

Until you’ve made your mark, you’re ‘someone’!”

She’s always there, this little girl

Always out front.

She’s always scared, this little girl

Has her fronts.

She always gets me into trouble, this little girl

But who am I kidding?

She’s the one with all the power -

She keeps me winning.