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Hi Seyla, Thanks for your comments. As someone who works on the Frankfurt School and as someone who has studied at the Institute, I take your points to heart.

My point, a bit overemphasised perhaps, was that Kristol can’t say #neverfrankfurtschool because that essentializes the compicated and rich history of the Frankfurt School. The term “school” doesn’t really apply in the sense that we normally use it. Certainly there was a shared research project at the Institute, especially during the interwar years. This post could have been a lot longer!

There was an exchange on Goldberg’s twitter feed about the Jewishness of the Frankfurt School and Marxist intellecutals. I can’t paste a screen shot of it here, but I’m sure you can find it. Goldberg has a very shallow understanding of the Institute for Social Research, which I’m sure you’ve come across.

I’m working on Arendt and Benjamin too and would love to talk with you about your book!


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