The Ultimate Discovery of CS:GO

Shaq owns a professional CS:GO team

I used to play games on my Xbox, like Call of Duty and Minecraft. I absolutely hated the thought of trying to work the keyboard and the mouse all at once. I was never that big of a PC gamer until my boyfriend introduced me to Counter Strike. While I was over at his house, he was playing Counter Strike, also called CS. As I watched, he began calling out things that I didn’t understand and I realized that there were lots of words and expressions that I didn’t comprehend. “Two on Cat!” Aubrey called into the microphone.

“Aubrey, what does that mean?” I asked.

“It means there are two people on the walk way on top. We call it a cat because it used to be a catwalk back when CS first came out,” he explained. “Would you like to try? There is a game that is equivalent to gun game in Call of Duty.” He told me it wasn’t as hard to work the controls as I thought it would be.

“Sure, I’ll try it.” And that began my love for CS. My first game, I was terrible and barely got two kills. My next game was a lot better and I ended up winning the game. The more that I played the game, the more people I communicated with. Whenever they would make a call I didn’t understand, I would ask and most of the time, they would happily tell me what it meant. Of course, there were always a few people who were rude and would make fun of me for not understanding. Although, Aubrey was very impressed with my progress and helped me to understand more of the lingo. After a few days of playing, I finally understood how they had been communicating and all the sudden, I could speak this weird language that they use. Aubrey encouraged me greatly to continue by building me a PC to play on.

Cloud 9 ❤

As I started playing, I started watching a lot of professional CS players. Cloud 9 is my favorite team. Unfortunately, Cloud 9 is like the Cleveland Browns. Even when they play very well, they end up throwing the game by the end. I think the main reason Aubrey and I both like Cloud 9 is because of Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert. He is as big of a goofball as Aubrey and I are. We enjoy sitting downing and watching him play because we see ourselves doing the same thing he does.

As it turns out, Aubrey played with a lot of professional CS players back when he had too much free time. He was invited to play with a lot of the same people that everyone looks up to. He played with Hiko, n0thing, Freakazoid, Stewie2K, seang@res and Rush. Aubrey even has videos of him playing against them. Aubrey was offered a job with a professional team when they first came out but he turned it down so he could go to college and do what he wanted to do in the future. He wants to design computers and make his own company.

I am not as good as Aubrey, but I am still learning. I still remember the most toxic player I ever played with. I was playing at two in the morning because I couldn’t sleep. I was in a solo que and I got paired up with a rude dude. When we got in game, and were rushing to get the most kills in Arms Race, which is the CS version of gun game in Call of Duty. The first two games all he did was scream and curse when he died and would blame everyone, including me, for “leading them to him.” He continued to just keep cursing even after multiple people asked him to stop. Well, we all ended up team killing him for every time after that we warned him. Please understand that I am not the nicest person in game. So, he ended up quitting and leaving by the seventh game.

Sometimes, the community for this game can be full bad-mannered people. This community is not recommended for children because some people that play use inappropriate language and gestures. There are also skins you can get for guns and knives but unfortunately you must pay for them or gamble for them. As of now, there aren’t many gambling websites left that are worth anything.

I really enjoy the game and the community is not all bad. The piece of advise that I offer every new player I encounter is to learn the lingo and try to use it. It helps to understand where a location is that an enemy player is. Without knowing the terms and using them, it will cause mass amounts of confusion in game and more than likely lead to the death of a few teammates and of oneself.