Beating Bloating

Bloating is the worst! Am I right ladies? Its not cute and makes you feel huge! Here are some tips and tricks to beating it and getting back to feeling your sexy self in no time!

Exercise! At least 30 minutes of cardio and getting your heart rate up and sweating can help bring this down! (See one of our many HIIT sessions, sprints or intervals on the stair master)

Drink more water! Last thing you probably feel like doing, but your body holds more water when it feels like it is not getting enough, also this will help push out extra water, etc.

Take your time eating, cut back on chewing gum. Extra air can cause bloating, slow down and chewing gum can have you “swallowing extra air” so be careful.

Diet, sometimes your diet can be the cause. I take beano in this case so I can eat my foods and enjoy them if I want to will less issue. (Dairy, onions, broccoli, beans, and of course carbonated beverages, alcohol)

Drink green tea, the antioxidants are helpful in decreasing the bloat

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