Fit Chick Guide to Gorgeous Skin

We all have different skin types and routines to keep our skin looking the best we can. But when things change and your old routine is no longer working, what do you do? Well you can shell out tons of money on trial and errors of at home remedies or go straight to “the Pros” and see an MD.

Well I have a few ways to cut corners on what to do for a few things to help you look your best and have the confidence with clear, clean skin.

Sweat! So we all know once you start working out, you sweat! Burn fat, release water retention and feel good! But what happens when you stay in your sweaty ( and usually tight ) gym clothes, you are basically allowing bacteria to stick right to you! Your skin isn’t breathing much, you are hot, so your pores are wide open, basically asking for a break out! Solution? Bring an extra looser pair of pants and shirt to change into afterwards. Even better if you can shower afterwards at the gym rather than waiting until you get home. Don’t want to wash your hair? I get it, I have long hair and it’s a pain to wash and style at the gym, use a dry shampoo to tie you over until the next wash!

Break outs! I am a huge fan of anything oil free! Read your labels ladies! You do not want to use anything that will add more into your pores. Keep oil free make up remover wipes in your gym bag and wipe your face before and after your work outs. You want to exfoliate at least once a week to get the dead built up skin off. Both face and body. Increased sweating can cause some people to have a slightly oilier skin, if you find yourself to have this happen to you (especially in summer when you work out and are hotter than usual) try this; I had this happen to me and it was embarrassing, I couldn't wear tank tops because I was so embarrassed by my back was so broken out, the solution? I used Calamine lotion on my back once a week at night with an old tee shirt, this helped dry out the extra oils in my skin and restore it back to being break out free. You can also use this to spot treat some blemishes. (always patch test anything you have never tried before on your lower inner arm, if a reaction occurs, don’t use it)

Hair removal. I like the spray on Nair, it is not too messy, just spray, wait for it to set, and wipe away hair. No; messy lotions, razor burns, less missed spots, or even getting knicked. Bonus! It lasts longer than shanving. With doing hair removal, especially when you are removing more areas than usual, you want to make sure you are exfoliating to eliminate the opportunity for ingrown hairs.