Thank You Donald Trump

I know, it sounds weird coming from me. I spent all day yesterday having mini panic attacks waiting for the results of the mid-terms. And now, the morning after, I realized something that I am grateful for.

A whole hella lot of people did

If 2016 never happened. If the better woman would have won. If Trump would have surprised us all and actually been good at this job(I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing uncontrollably), I wouldn’t have the knowledge I have today.

If 2018 me went back in time and told 2015 me that she would be stressing about mid-terms, 2015 me would of looked at her and asked, “What are mid-terms?”.

That is how much I didn’t care. I was too lazy. I thought it was too complicated to understand. I thought that as long as there is someone who surrounds himself with smart people, everything will be fine. I have never voted Republican(and I think it’s safe to say I never will), but even when President Bush was in office, I didn’t feel threatened. Not like today.

I woke up this morning, on my day off, at 6 AM, to find out what happened to the #BlueWave everybody in my bubble has been wishing for. I went on social media, I turned in to @PodSaveAmerica live stream and I got goosebumps for every cheer and blue sticker that went up there. I know that the Blue Wave was not a tsunami like I hoped, but there were a lot of firsts that keep my belief in America and the people alive. The House is ours. Trump’s life got a lot more difficult and hopefully, one day, he will do the research to find out why this was not a win for him(I’ll give you a minute to stop laughing uncontrollably).

It might not have been perfect, but we are getting there

Talking to my Dad about why the House flipping is a big deal, why it’s still awesome, even if we didn’t get a tidal wave, I realized that I have Trump and his minions to thank. Thank you for making me pay attention. Thank you for making me smarter. Thank you for making me care. The knowledge that I now have, is power. It won’t go away when Beto wins the presidency(a girl can dream). Going back to voting only once every 4 years, will never happen again.

The more you know…

So again, thank you Trump and all the evil demons that slither along with you. You are so bad that you made me better.