Jhana looking the image of climbing silhouette perfection!


Real life fact: making adult friends is hard.

As a person who has quite a large social network in the Bay Area (hiiiii friends!) I’ve been pretty lucky: I haven’t had to think that hard (or really at all) about making new friends these past five years. Most of my new friendships have happened organically — a roommate turning into a lifer, a new friend who just moved to town comes to dinner once and then is trapped in a spiral of Bachelor Monday’s for the rest of friendship eternity (you know the drill.) But as Ryan and I get more into the outdoors stuff — beyond a typical day hike or car camping session- I’ve found that while I love my friend groups as they stand, almost anytime I want to do something a bit more extreme outdoors with Ryan, we’ve been doing it mostly alone… just us two.

And sometimes, that’s great! I’d even argue that in a marriage spending quality time together in an adventure capacity would be great about 75% of the time. It’s an opportunity to get away together, to make memories, to turn off cell phones and escape the routine.

But other times… my extrovert wins and I just need time with friends. I need a day spent with a great group of people doing something fun followed by a beer. Half the time I’m happy making plans with my girlfriends and spending quality time with them when those needs arise (examples: brunch, girls sleepovers, friends birthdays, happy hours, Bachelor Mondays). But I also enjoy that extroverted side of myself with Ryan involved too. And as he’s not such a fan of the “sitting, drinking, talking” model we’ve been on the hunt… for some mutual, activity-driven friends.

Lucky for us we asked the universe and Great Western Power Co has provided! When we moved to Oakland we switched up our climbing routine away from Dogpatch and Mission Cliffs and more toward GWPC. The gym is smaller yes, but so is the community. And over the last 6 months as our routine set in and our skills improved we started seeing familiar faces. A few months of light chatter and some feedback on climbs and now we have a solid crew we see every week at the gym — we laugh, we cheer, we fall on our butts and get back on the wall for more climbing, cheering, and laughing.

But gym friends are one thing… real life friends are another. Now that winter is slowly fading away and climbing season is here we hoped (!) that our gym friends might want to hang out with us in real life.

Big surprise! They did.

And last weekend we headed out into the great unknown for some memory making. We started at Stinson Beach and hiked 8 miles up to the top of Mount Tam, where we then set up some top ropes and climbed. It was a beautiful day, spirits were high, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Setting up top ropes.
Chillin’ watching as top ropes got arranged ;)
Phi working that overhang!
Rio & Ryan making movesssss

All in all last weekend we spent something like 15 hours outside and this weekend I’m on the same hunt: spent all day yesterday climbing at Mount St. Helena with Norris and Ryan… more epic pics with incredible views to come!

until next time,