Waiting For Ghosts: In Defense Of Cooking
Jen Sanfilippo

This captures something that’s been on my mind lately. Trading in the slow, deliberate time that you spend cooking for a cheap, pre-packaged meal on the go that you hurriedly nibble while driving to yet another meeting is not an equal exchange.

Not only do you deprive yourself of the nutritional value of home cooked food, but you lose the chance to slow down, work with your hands, and employ your senses in this primal human ritual. The loss of this process is not easily (or even possibly) quantifiable in mere dollars and cents.

This is why our advanced society has such epidemics of obesity and depression. We want everything faster, cheaper, more productive. But society doesn’t realize that as we gain ever-skyrocketing values of “productivity,” we lose out on the diverse, deliberate, sometimes imperceptible activities that our human bodies evolved to engage in.

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