What Nation ?

Laying in the prospect of Resistance,

Lost in the aspect of the barrier,

Forgetting the consistency of the Occupied,

The yells of a nation, not yet a nation.


A nation, not yet a nation,

A people, not yet a people.

Knives flying, bullets fired a Resistance not yet acquired.

An illusion of being acquired bought by those asking to be freed.

Speaking with the prospect of resilience,

Acting with the codes of dormancy, always existing.

Singing the melodies of a tomorrow, not yet there.

Hopeful for the future not yet known.

Bought by the idea of tomorrow.

Sold to the animals of today.

The nation sings once more.

With a lullaby so melodic, the slumber continues once more.

Sold the notion of Resistance, of a nation no more.

To the seas, valleys, and groves of tomorrow.

We sing for the nation once more.

For a nation no more.