Blue Exorcist (4): Journey of the hero and archetypes

Today were going to talk about the many archetypes found in blue exorcist and the hero’s journey that Rin had embarked on.

Shiemi in her grandmothers garden

The Innocent - Shiemi

Core desire:get to paradise

Shiemi was an extremely shy and reserved child and never had friends until joining the cram school. Her favorite person in the world was her grandmother and she has a dream to find the garden of god. Most of her life was spent in her grandmothers garden.

The Hero - Rin

Core desire: To prove his worth

Rin does not accept the path that everyone seems to place him on all because of who his father is and desperately wants to prove that he will never fall into his fathers less than ideal foot steps. He wants to prove this by kicking Satans ass and becoming the best exorcist of his generation otherwise known as a paladin.

The Rebel - Suguro

Core desire: Revenge

Suguro is the child of the head priest who ran the temple that was destroyed during the blue night. A day in which all the priests of the temple were possessed and killed by Satan's blue flames. Since that day nobody went to the temple claiming it along with his father and himself to be cursed. Pushing Suguro to vow to take revenge on Satan by whooping his monkey ass.

The regular guy - Konekomaru

Core desire: To connect with others.

Konekomaru is a small character in size and importance. He is mainly a tag along type of character going along in order to help and try to protect his friends, and nothing more.

I saw this weird super detailed version of him and couldn’t resist

The Explorer - Shima

Core Desire: the freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world

Shima is a ball of goof who can’t resist exploring and covering every inch of a new area along with getting answers to his sometime numerous questions.

The Jester - Mephisto

Core desire: to live in the moment with full enjoyment.

Mephisto is a trickster he’s cunning and very persuassive he manipulates people sometimes for his benifit and enjoys making others the but of his jokes.

The Mother figure - Kirigakure

Core desire: To be their when needed

Kirigakure when first seen seems as though she’d be far from that of a mother figure. Though she does not coddle Rin in the manner of a mother she teaches him and does express a desire to seem him succeed or at least not fail and she is their to help and train him.

The Mentor - Fujimoto

Core Desire: to protect and care for others

Fujimoto in layman's terms is both Rin’s and Yukio’s father however sense it seemed as though Yukio did not inherent any major traits from his biological father Fujimoto seemed to mainly focus on Rin ( seemed being a key word seeing as Fujimoto trained Yukio to be an exorcist during his childhood) protecting Rin from minions of Satan who would come after Rin should they discover his true identity and origins. (which they did)

The every man - Yukio

Core Desire: To live a normal life

Though Yukio’s normal is far from that of others he longs to return too the time were Rin did not know of his abilities and Fujimoto was still alive while secretly being an amazing exorcist.

The know it all - Kamiki

Core Desire: To know everything always be right and to be the only and best at whatever they decided to do.

Kamiki seems to have a superiority complex and a need to be a special type of one and only, as seen when she discovered her rare ability to summon demons to use in battles and shiemi also had that ability and her reaction was very smug and irritated as if she shiemi should feel ashamed for believing her to be an equal to her.

Journey of the hero

The ordinary world

This is when Rin is living his life as a normal teenager searching for his role in life, it is revealed that high school is optional and while his brother yukio has decided to continue his education Rin wants to work the only problem is that he seem to be having trouble holding down a job.

The call to adventure

This occurs after Fujimoto’s death, because Fujimoto died protecting Rin while being possessed by Satan Rin’s hatred for Satan was born because of the traumatic death of his foster father and while at his funeral he swore to begin his journey to become an exorcist and kick Satan's ass.

Fun Fact: When Rin was born his demonic powers (flames) were contained in the sword he keeps on his back.
Rin getting laughed at for wanting to go on this journey

Refusal of the call

There is no refusal of the call, in fact Rin begs to go on this journey.

Meeting with the Mentor

Though it looks as if Rin is focusing on a random dog that is Mephisto who has the ability to turn into this dog because spoiler alert he’s a demon spoiler alert his father is Satan so he and Rin are half brothers.

Though previously seen laughing at Rin Mephisto does do a lot to help Rin during the start of his journey enrolling him in the cram school to learn to become an exorcist, giving him a place to live while there, giving him a key and showing him how to get there (Keys in this world have the capability to connect to any door and take you to a different location) he even gives him money at one point (though it is a small amount) to help him survive.

Crossing the threshold

I don’t really think Rin does this he committed to this new world of becoming an exorcist a long time ago so no threshold to cross.

Tests, Allies, and enemy’s

Rin most defintley goes through this stage in the heros journey at the beginning of the show Rin has to keep his demonic powers a secret or he would most certainty be killed. Tests occur when Rin is attacked by demons when in front of his friends who do not know about Rins origins and he had to find another way to beat the demon without revealing this secret to is friends.

He finds allies when he discovers that all the other exorcists in training see Rin as a friend and when they were there to try and help him when being attacked by a someone who was clearly very strong. Also Rin discovered who his enemy was at the start of the anime that overarching enemy being, you guest it Satan.


A picture of the original Gehenna gate.

This occurs when some unbelievably gigantic stupid idiot and down right selfish jerk decides to try and create an artificial portal to Gehenna (the demon realm) and try to destroy all demons by dropping some crazy explosive into the portal which is dumb because it would cause great dysfunction in both worlds. It is at this point that Rin has already been able to regain the trust between his friends and they are prepared to help him in this impending battle against Satan being that he was able to make an appearance when the portal was activated.

Did I mention the huge idiot was Rin and Yukio’s biological grandfather on there mother’s side.

The ordeal

Rin has to light the two candles on the outside without igniting the one in the middle.

Rin experience this soon after his friends discover that he posses demonic and begin to remove themselves from him due to their fear of his blue flames knowng them to be a symbol of death because of the night in whch preists were killed by the veryy blue flames that Rin posses. Soon after they begin to shun Rin they end up getting captured by a masked figure who incases their vitim in a thil casing of web (much like that of a spider) and it seems that the only thing that can remove the person from the grasp of these webs are Rins blue flames the only problem, Rin can’t control them. Rin wanted to run headlong into battle except Kirigakure would not allow him to and be a hero unless he was able to control his deadly flames. He manages to control them and manages to save his friends and his brother from a seemingly inevitable death.

The reward

They got the reward of not dying. That’s it. Not Dying a pretty good gift though. Oh and (in the anime at least) because yukio got possessed, his demon powers which turned out to have just been lying dormant got unleashed so he has blue flames now too. It’s awesome at least to me.

The road back

Rin stays right were he is, still working on his journey to become a paladin. There is no road back.

The Resurrection

This occurs while Yukio is possessed and Rin is put in a life or death situation were Yukio wants to sacrifice himself so that Rin won’t have to fight Satan.

The return

Rin continues on his journey he never can and never will return to his old life.

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