Blue Exorcist (5): conflicts

Man Vs. Self — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —Rin Vs. who he is

When Rin first discovered exactly what he was he needless to say did not accept and understand it. He struggled to find out his true identity and whether or not he was a demon. This internal struggle was made even more prevalent due to the fact that as a young child he was constantly called “A Demon Child” and him coming to the terms that all those people who accused him of being a demon were technically right. This lead to multiple bouts of denial during his many confrontations from demons coming to take him “home” to Gehenna and Satan along with being called the “demon prince”.

Man Vs. Nature— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —- — Rin Vs. what he is

Rin is half demon and not just any old half demon he’s half Satan the ruler of hell so his capabilities are magnified especially in comparison to normal demons. During a key moment in the anime Rin was forced to make a quick decision as to whether he wanted to save his friends at the cost of revealing his true identity (Seeing as how blue flames are the symbol of Satan) or allow them to get seriously injured or even die on his behalf. Rin chose to reveal himself and in that moment he began to unleash only a fraction of his immense power, so much so that he cracked the demon blade which contained his power, he also lost control of himself unable to understand what exactly he was doing in that moment.

Man Vs. Society- — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Rin Vs. True cross

Rin was and is feared by the society of the true cross due to his demonic origins. They want him dead because they fear him and what he can and will one day be able to do, they worry that he will mainly take after his father which is obviously a bad thing so they want him gone. But due to Mephisto and his sweat talking they decided to let him live if only to use him as a secret weapon, but if there are even the slightest hints that Rin’s unable to be controlled they’ll kill him on sight.

Rin unconscious captured by the True Cross
Fun Fact: When Rin and Yukio were first born Fujimoto was sent to kill them but they were to cute to kill so he encased Rin’s demon powers in a sword picked em up and raised him as his own sons in he monastery.
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