Blue Exorcist (6): My thoughts

I really really really really really really really like blue exorcist but I assume that’sobvious seeing as how I did a whole project on it. Though it took me months to finaly sit my butt down and actually watch the anime. But when I finally did I felt and looked like this about Blue Exorcist.

Literally me

This anime had everything action, suspense, violence, an endearing male protagonist that you can’t help but like and root for, need I say more.

No but I will, he’s also unintentionally funny.

He’s a hot mess just like me.

Did I mention theres vilolence, and humor funny violence but still violence none the less.

Its funny because Yukios a very serious person so seeing him in ridiculous situations is funny.

There were also unbelievably adorably funny moments, like when a Izumo’s birthday was coming up and Rin being the amazing cook he is was in charge of making the cake and the only thing is Rin and Yukio don’t know there exact birthday so they would celebrate it at the same time as Christmas so there birthday cake would be Christmas themed it was really funny when they finally came to the realization that birthday cakes don't normally say Merry X-Mas on it.