Strangest Things

Series: Letters from my nonexistent husband.

The way you love me is one of the strangest things.

Crazy like walking on water, or feeding a few thousand.

My heart beats with no end and you started this chain reaction, which wasn’t in my plans.

This love is my miracle.

No other women stops my breath or throws my balance out of place.

My testimony.

My saving grace.

Your kiss. Your face.

The curves in your waist.

It’s crazy to believe that God created you with me in mind.

And I don’t mind taking my time.

Slow and rich like the finest of wines…

You are unparallel.

The woman I couldn’t even dream of.

Love of my life.

Lover and wife.

Mother of our legacy.

I take a knee at your feet, because the way you love me is still one of the strangest things.