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The job market is more saturated than ever. Research has shown that recruiters spend 6 secs on average to review a resume. It is hard to stand out from the pile of resumes when every resume looks the same. It is becoming very difficult for new job seekers to land at a job in 2019.

Below are the few tips that will help you land a job in 2019. Follow the tips the create a perfect resume that will help you stand out from the pool of candidates.

Research has shown that the recruiters spend only 6 seconds to scan…

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One of the most important and common questions asked by fresh graduates is WHAT NEXT? Once in a lifetime, every individual has got confused, what to do next knowing when you are at the base of your career ladder. Ironically, every newcomer needs experience and every company asks for experience, what should one do?

First of all, one should stop thinking that being a fresher is a disadvantage. There are few companies who are looking for freshers only. But as guessed, they prefer to hire freshers mostly from colleges directly.

Even though getting Job as a fresher is relatively difficult…

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Not everyone in life wants to achieve great things. Not everyone has big ambitions in life and, that’s ok. Success comes at a price and, not everyone is willing to pay the price. If you are ready and willing to pay the price it takes, then there is a three-step mantra to help to achieve anything in life.

Consider a goal that you want to achieve. It should be big and something that if achieved changes your life. In this post on medium, I have explained how having a big goal helps you beat procrastination. …

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Our Brain behaves like a monkey who is constantly distracted by all the shiny things around. Every shiny thing that we want asks for our attention and decreases the odds of achieving all things together.

People never want to set a single resolution. They want to set a series of things that they want. They want to create a business plus travel around the world, while they are working to raise their position in their full-time job. It is just not possible for most of us.

When we are focusing on too many things, our attention is like a ball…

Samar Kundal

I write about habits, productivity, and human potential. I believe this place is full of mess and the best way to sort out this mess is to start from yourself.

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