A List of Bad Habits I Need to Break

Literally, I’m the worst.

Letting my bedroom floor become my closet. Why do my clothes need to find a new home on the floor for a week until I get the energy to put them in my hamper?

Telling people I’m tired. Like ok, we get it, you’re tired, you’re always tired, what else is new. Also, no one asked.

Using social media as a passive aggressive way to let someone know I’m upset with them. Did they even really notice that I didn’t like their latest Instagram picture? Probably not. And even if they did, they probably didn’t care.

Using exercise as an excuse to not have a social life. “But it is my social life”. Liar.

Snapping at the planet when I’m stressed out. You are an adult, find your chill.

Complaining. Life doesn’t suck.

Booking 7 AM spin classes. Contrary to what I was told, it doesn’t get easier to wake up at 5 AM.

Throwing myself into awkward situations with people because I cannot let go. After 24 years, I haven’t learned that people can change their mind about you.

Not allowing myself to change my mind about other people. People don’t stay the same forever and therefore, I don’t have to like them forever.

Eating out/getting delivery every night. Would it kill me to pick up a pot and pan?

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