Help Jack, Help Yourself

Jack Needs You!

Have you ever been very successful? Have you hit the lowest point in your life where you feel there is nothing to lose and all you can do is just improve the situation? How does it feel to be a failure? Success is a very subjective term and very few people achieve it.

Why not to understand a mind which has seen lot of failures, struggling and then fail and there comes a point where he/she wants to stop because they feel even if they try there is no point, all is in-vain. I want to connect to that mindset of people. In series of articles, we will understand the dilemma such mindsets face and then through my own personal experiences, i will prove it, everything can be changed. If anything in the universe is truth that is ‘Change’.

Have we ever thought out of our busy life style what such people feel? Let me try to make everyone understand through an example. Consider a very bright young fellow, let’s name him Jack.

Jack is an average guy, who loves to be among people, party as other people do, compete with same zest as any other person of his age group would do. He meets and greets everyone with a loving smile and whoever knows Jack thinks, what a calm and happy person he is. No one ever sees a line of worry on his forehead. Everyone just feels wish they can be like Jack. This is a picture he holds in public. This is a view you are holding, but do you even think for a minute, what opinion Jack holds for himself? No, because for everyone their point of view is important.

Let’s see who is Jack. If you want to understand mindset of such people, i want you to connect to Jack. The same fellow whom people really look upon wakes up every morning and struggle daily how to be better. He does not know what opinion people hold for him, because he is way too simple or he thinks way too low about himself. When he goes to bed every night, he talks to himself, “Tomorrow, i will start what i left unfinished”.

The same Jack wakes up every morning with the burden of his incomplete dreams, heavy expectations of his loved ones and remind himself that today is going to be a better day. I will shine throughout the day. Jack repeatedly tells himself that i will become an example myself. He keeps a smile on his face whenever someone passes through him so that no one can look inside him, so that no one can ever know what struggle and fight is going inside him. The same Jack which is you think is an example does not feel the same way about him.

Is Jack an exception? Don’t we have a Jack in ourselves too? Each of us has Jack living inside them. We can give solutions how Jack can improve himself. My question is why can’t we move forward to find out what made Jack made this way? What were his reasons? As a person i want to know why Jack is this way, then i will give solutions.

I can just guess, if i ask Jack today, he can answer me in a very plain tone.

I am like this because i lost someone i truly loved. I am like this, because my loved ones expected a lot out of me. I am like this because i have lot of unfinished business pending. I am like this because i had lots of dreams but i have not tried very hard to achieve them. I am like this because i made a lot of promises but i could not fulfill all of them. I wanted to give a set of exams which i promised to my loved ones, but i kept delaying. It’s been years and i don’t think they are possible anymore. Slowly those broken commitments to myself have withdrawn my confidence from my emotional bank account. I can say Jack, everything is going to be fine and he will answer me, don’t you find it all Subjective Samar? I don’t think anything matters anymore. I have lost it and i see there is no hope further. I am happy the way i am. I am just comfortable where i am.

In the same routine, Jack wakes up every morning, having same dreams and burden in his mind and heart and performs his daily chores. Yes he won’t tell you all this because all of us has the tendency to get judgmental very quickly. You will only tell, what a Loser!.

Do you think Jack is a Loser? Majority of us will think like that. I don’t think so. If Jack is a Loser, than all of us belong to same league. Just that today Jack is like this, does not mean there is no chance of hope. Yes Jack can’t do it alone. May be he will still make 1000 promises, out of which 999 he will break. On other hand, Jack needs one voice to tell him, i am with you, even if you had broken 1000 promises itself. Jack needs someone who will make him tired of failure. May be you, may be me, may be his own inner self.

This is just an introduction of Jack. In the coming series of articles, you will know in depth character of Jack, different colors of his personality. On other hand, in this journey, i will make Jack come out of his shell. This is my commitment to Jack.

Do you have a Jack inside you? I have. I am going to help my Jack come out of his shell. If you are passing through same patterns daily, stay tuned here and we will resolve every problem of Jack.

Jack Needs you!!! Help Him.

Thanks for reading the article. If you still like Jack, come back tomorrow to start this friendship with him and know about him more.


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