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Recently, I came up with a requirement in a project where I needed to turn an image to grayscale when a certain condition was met. For example, there is a list of cards on the page, where each card has some text and an image. Some of these items are enabled and some of them are disabled, based on the data. I needed to change the color of the image to grayscale if the item is disabled. This seems easy, right?

I look into Flutter BlendMode and it turns out they work really well, only if your images are JPEGs…

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Searching is one of the most important features of any mobile application that deals with data. It is almost inevitable to not have a reliable and consistent search in a mobile application these days. If your app deals with data that it retrieves from an API or a web service, you can have the backend developers develop the search mechanism for you and you can then consume the search results via the API, but, if you are using something like Cloud Firestore to store your data, you are in a puddle.

You can perform basic searches in Cloud Firestore where…

Recently, I watched the Boring Flutter Development Show on YouTube where Emily and the guest, Shannon Skipper from Square, walked us through the process of adding In-App Payments using Square in Flutter. You can watch the video here. I have worked with Stripe payments before in Flutter but since there is no official Stripe plugin for Flutter yet, it was tough to get the app PCI Compliant and ensure that the user’s confidential information is completely safe. …

I have been working on an amazing project using Flutter. It has been an amazing experience so far not just because Flutter is great but also because there is an amazing community of developers around. Sometimes we get help, sometimes we don’t and then we have to look for a solution when we are on our own. Adventure!

A similar situation recently arose when Apple rejected the app for the reason that it has third-party payments within the app. Apple requires that for the app to be published on the App Store, for all payments, we use Apple’s In-App Purchases…

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