5 ways to maintain your fitness when you can’t make it to the gym — Monsoon Special!

Its raining all day and mornings are impossible to wake up and work out? It’s called the monsoon guys. But that doesn’t mean your fitness goals need to fly out the window guys!

Here’s 5 things that have helped me maintain my fitness levels and lifting strength without being a regular at the gym ( it randomly shut down for a 20 day renovation!)

  1. Green Tea — If you’re an endomorph or you have a tendency to put on weight it probably means that you’re metabolism is pretty slow. This is good news because you have major scope for improvement and fat scorching. Let Green Tea into your life and make it your new best friend. One cup in the morning and one or two more in between meals to bump up your metabolism and help burn fat even while you’re chilling.
  2. Take up a Sport — Monsoon can be great too, nothing beats football in the rain. It’s one of the best times to take up a sport such as football, basketball or even throwing on a jacket and going for a Rocky Balboa kinda run early in the morning or late at night.
  3. Home workouts — Invest a small amount of money in resistance band or a ‘Thera band’ and your biceps, shoulders and triceps should be sorted. Team that up with the age old push ups and pull ups and you’re good to go. Won’t even take 30 minutes guys!
  4. HIIT — If you’re short on time or not really feeling like hitting the gym, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) can definitely be your cup of tea. With an average circuit duration of merely ten minutes, this kind of exercise is known to keep your body in constant motion, raising your resting heart rate and scorching your body fat!
  5. Eat right — When you know you’re going to be missing the gym more often than not, compensate by avoiding sugars and desserts on those days. Save your cheat days for when you actually break a sweat. I keep my carbs low post 7pm since i wont be needing much energy, and embrace salads instead.

PS — Try the Veeba salad dressings. They’re fat free, delicious and easy to use!