How to get elders out of the hibernation to enable them indulge in outdoor activities

I was eccentric on the sight of colored crayon lines on the bedroom wall and was about to yell on my 7 year old son Rohan but has shut my mouth instantly seeing him counting his fingers. I asked him what it was on the wall and the counting as well. The answer has melted me down. He is counting on the hours to meet his father’s father who was about to visit us in a while. For the 38 time since morning, he shot the question when would he come? As my husband went to get him, I understood the desperate wait the tiny soul was in from the morning for his grandfather!

All that Rohan knows is that his parents are busy with their personal and professional works for the major part of their day and week. After he comes home from his school, a care giver attends him in the afternoons. Undoubtedly, he wants his grandfather to be with him. But, how can we take care of an old man in our busy lifestyle? Taking care of elderly in Delhi NCR is difficult for working parents. Although I am little worried about his care, I am feeling extremely happy that one of our family members is joining us as we are deprived of love from another person out of our immediate family and so does my poor son.

fter a couple of hours, the prolonged wait came to a conclusion and then he came to the little one’s excitement. After the initial hesitation, it took about half an hour for Rohan to reach his grandfather’s lap and both of them are excited to confront each other. However he was expecting his grandfather to be with him in his play activities but to Rohan’s disappointment, he could not go out as he was not very comfortable going out. It’s been 6 months that he lost his wife, my mother-in-law. Since then, he is not going out much and so did we get him here to break the nut shell. But how can we make him a free bird again releasing him from his isolation? We needed a creative thinking to introduce a rejuvenated spirit in him to him.

We came up with a few ideas in no time and execution is only left. Rohan also contributed to this exploration and here we go with the ideas to break his monotony.

Playing with grandchildren (Rohan):

Although he resisted for a while, he could not withstand his grandson’s cute appeals and he was out for the first time in six months. Rohan took him around the community to introduce various establishments such as children’s park, swimming pool etc. They both had a short session of cricket as well and he got bowled by the little one any which ways!


As my husband’s grandfather was a farmer and my father-in-law has an inclination towards gardening too. So we invited him to our little garden when we were watering it and he started suggesting as to how to prune plants, give fertilizers and so on.

Open air shows:

My husband planned for a movie in an open air theatre. Papaji does not want to watch it initially but he could not say no as I personally insisted him to come over. Although it was not a new movie, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Togetherness was more happening to us and it was for him more than for all of us.

Morning walk with a peer:

We invited the Saxenas home for a dinner and Mr.Saxena’s father may be a probable friend as we observed them both having a similar circumstances and like-mindedness. We suggested them both to go for a morning walk to which they instantly agreed.

If you have a similar scenario, these tips would help you for sure. Feel free to think more creatively to get out intelligent ideas in your situations proving that Senior Citizen care is pretty much possible.

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